ApeiroSys Finance - Improve Companies Financial Performance

Effective Management

Effectively facilitates your daily financial tasks

ApeiroFinance effectively facilitates your daily financial tasks and enables you to manage the financial operations with a comprehensive, integrated, and easy to use web-based application. Having data stored and shared across your organization’s numerous departments provides you with the ability to clearly envision your organization’s future.

Integrate Departments

ApeiroFinance is designed to be part of a unified ERP platform that manages all your organization data in one unified and centralized system. This enables you to have everything you need to manage your finance and operations. Your Finance module is deeply integrated with CRM, Inventory, and HR systems, so that you can make accurate and solid decisions.

Manage Expenses

ApeiroFinance, enables you to remain on top of your expenses and track these in real time. The module determines the amounts coming in and out of the organization, categorizes it, approves it, and bills expenses to clients at the click of a mouse. You can also forecast future expenses and build your expectations based on the organization’s expenses history.

Personalized Dashboard

Yes, it is plural with s. Teams and users can have their own dashboards specifically customized to their needs and daily focus. Top management team members, CFOs, and accounting staff can access a summary overview of the current organization’s finances and determine the next course of action. This will help organizations to manage money flowing in and out of their business and effectively reconcile your financial records with your bank accounts.


With ApeiroFinance you can make your business decisions with data based on reports and forecasts. The built-in ApeiroFinance reports provide you with insights into your organization’s current situations and future requirements. You can easily and effectively customize your own reports, which are always available at your fingertips. This will allow you to take the next step to grow your business, confident that your decision is firmly based on solid foundations.

Smart Notifications

ApeiroFinance has a built-in smart notification processes to make sure that you’re sending your invoices on time and conduct any necessary follow-up with customers, ensuring that your organization is paid on-time for its services and products.

Customizable Templates

Using ApeiroFinance, you can print out your sales orders and invoices complete with your own customization and branding. You won’t need to be a developer to customize your organization’s paperwork. It’s as easy as designing a Microsoft Word document, after which you’re good to go. Follow up regarding invoicing and payments can be automated, eliminating the need for someone to locate a specific account before sending the required invoice or reminder to the client.