Manage Your Workforce

Manage Human Capital

Poorly managed human capitals can lead to you having unsatisfied employees, resulting in poor work performance and that will directly affect your organization’s revenue and form a bottleneck that will block any business growth. Managing all human resource capital processes and operations can be stressful without a powerful HR management system. ApeiroHR is a user-friendly web-based system designed to manage all aspects of your operation that are related to human resources. ApeiroHR’s built-in flexibility can be customized to your organization’s unique needs and policies.

Departments Synergy

ApeiroHR is integrated as part of a unified ERP platform, featuring the Finance, CRM, Payroll, Incentives and Helpdesk modules. This allows the senior management team to easily examine how the entire organization is performing and explore details regarding any processes and procedures that may need to be enhanced and optimized.

All-In-One Process

Onboarding, offboarding, employee self-service, attendance, payroll, and performance evaluation management has never been easy. However, using the ApeiroHR system allows you to automate all your HR processes, eliminating the need for paperwork making the management of this aspect of your business easy and fun. With the built-in workflow engine, the approval processes are very simple and available at the click of a mouse.

Customizable KPIs

ApeiroHR has built-in customizable and personalized dashboards for your senior management team, providing them with the tools to display a summary view of the employee’s daily issues and the ability for in-depth analysis and more detailed reports as required. Dashboards can be configured for either individual users or for teams so that everyone in the team is aware of the actions that are required, based on live data points displayed on the dashboard.

Built-In Notification Engine

ApeiroHR’s built-in smart notification processes ensures that you’re processing your employee’s issues on time and doing any necessary follow-up, helping you to keep your employees happy. Having the installed notification processes means that you are informed about license renewals, subscriptions, insurance renewals, and other issues without the need to add outlook reminders.

HR Reports

ApeiroHR reports provide you with insights into the current status of your employees and your potential future requirements. You can customize your own reports very easily and significantly improve efficiency. You’ll then be able to take the next steps to grow your business from firm foundations, fully confident that your decision is based on solid and established facts and data.